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PayPal Complaint - Worst ever customer service
PayPal Complaint

PayPal Complaint


Worst ever customer service

Two things I never intend to do for the rest of my life. 1) Ram sharp pieces of glass down my fingernails to the knuckle 2) ever have anything to do with paypal again.

They have taken the mantle of worst customer services on the net for me. I tried to set up a simple merchant account to accept donations for a not for profit organization, simple enough you would think. They froze part of the functionality of the account because they wanted more information as they considered us tax exempt. They wanted 3 documents including a tax exempt certificate. We are not tax exempt, never claimed to be, never wanted any special treatment. They decided that not for profit = tax exempt, not true. Anyway, to solve this problem they said simply fax the documents to the complicance department. Did so. Nothing changed so I rang the so-called "customer service" helpline. For the privelege of 6p a minute you need to negotiate an automated help system, that very cannily hides any direct option to speak to an operator way down in it's myriad of options. If you are lucky to stumble upon this (it's not one of the opening options on the menu) you have done well. Rememeber if you ever find you want to speak to a human again you will need to go down these 3 levels of menu options to find it. The process i long and interminable. Anyways, I finally got through to an agent that said they had not received the fax. And here's an other great part of the "customer service", you fax details to the compliance department but speak to "customer services" and they don't speak to each other, brilliant eh ? So they had no record of the compliance department receiving it, but you can't speak to the compliance department to confirm it. OK, so why don't you try uploading the files instead of faxing the files ? Said the trying-to-be-helpful operator. OK. Tried to load up the documents to send to them. Guess what ? The servers kept timing out. After 2 hours using both Explorer and Firefox finally managed by sending documents individually. Waited a few days. Still account is limited. Why ? Because they have not received tax exempt certificate. Contacted customer services again, went through the usual pointless telephone options to speak to an agent. I explained the problem that account was still limited. I explained that I would but could not send the tax-exempt certificate because "WE ARE NOT TAX EXEMPT !!!!". He said that he would fix this. 2 days later no change. Meanwhile emails keep automated mails keep arriving from papal informing me that this is the nth warning that I need to sort out the account and send the info. Argghhh !!!! I spoke to customer services again. I explained the situation. This time he told me that I needed to contact the compliance department and explain the situation. Bear in mind that there is no way to contact them other than through loading up documents, and I can't give them the documents.

By now I have had enough. I have told him that come what may I want the account with them terminated. But I can't close it he tells me until this issue is sorted (ha ha). He said that he would contact the compliance department and they would contact me also that he would get a senior agent to talk to me so that I could register my vociferous complaints.

It'w worth a quick review here just to see how staggeringly bad and incompetent they are at worldpay. They raise an issue with our account based on faulty assumptions (not-for-profit = tax-exempt). Then they suspend part of the account until it is resolved. But the mechanisms they provide for providing documentation (fax and upload), neither work properly. The customer services is expensive, time -consuming and so arcane as to make one suspect that it is almost deliberate obfusication.

Time spent trying to sort out this simple problem : 8 hours.

Do yourself a favour do e-commerce with somebody, anybody but paypal

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totsubo says: (8 years ago)
Totally agree. I try to contact Paypal through their web form service to enquire about business services and keep getting from them canned answers that have nothing to do with my query.

I tried phoning them and only got someone who always said yes and wanted to teach me how to create checkout buttons. Obviously didn't understand what I was asking.

A horrible experience.

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